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We are a small and dedicated team who specialise in matching adventurous travellers with their dream holidays. We are passionate about active travel, wild places and their conservation and nothing makes us happier than sharing our wilderness discoveries with others. As avid hikers, mountain bikers, canoeists and “give anything a go” people we use our unique knowledge and experience to design adventures that will exceed your wildest expectations.

India epitomizes contrasting scenery and culture and is an ideal country for adventure travel. Explore all Himalayan trek in your way with Indian treks, visiting all the main highlights and many off-the-beaten-track attractions. Maximize your time in out of the way places and yet still marvel at the iconic destinations. Enjoy true wilderness campsites followed by comfortable lodges. Trek through Har ki dun-like rainforest, hike along kedarkantha, climb up Borasu pass and enjoy valley of flower. It is this mix which makes Uttarakhand extraordinary - it is majestic but down to earth, otherworldly yet reassuringly familiar.

Come and explore a spectacular and culturally fascinating world with us. We organising trekking groups to some of the most beautiful and culturally fascinating parts of the India. Those who travel with us do so regularly and as a result we are continually finding new destinations to trek / travel. We operate treks in the more remote regions of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and other trekking destination in India.

The Guides and Trek Leaders are certified in various Mountaineering courses (Basic and Advance) from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM). Apart from guides and trek leaders we have support staff which includes cooking team and porters.

Our guides in the field will make your adventure special. Their ability to enhance your experience with their knowledge of the local culture, beautiful landscapes and colorful history. Positive interactions are achieved when the traveller is aware of the cultural sensitivities of the community they are visiting. Our guides are always ready to inform travellers about the correct etiquette, including matters of appropriate clothing and actions when entering a temple.

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Indian Treks - To Travel, To Experience & To Learn

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